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Why must we be propared for the worst? So that we can always be capable of protecting those who need it most when the worst comes.



Technology is an extension of humanity; an extension of our will and intent. In the end if the intent is good and just and it serves to protect the lives of the innocent from those who do harm than it is for the good of all.

+10-68, Swat Geek+

Former member of Team Cobra, Pentagon Police Emergency Response Team, I’ve had the fortune of being exposed to some of the tools that can come in handy when accomplishing the many missions tactical officers are tasked with. As a trainer of quick response personnel I’ve come to realize these tools transition to daily patrol aids as well. Staying linked in to the various answers to the ever growing field challenges is a mission in itself and it’s one I enjoy doing. Swat Geek is my way to do just that.



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 Technology, Your Tool not Your Crutch


Technology is a wonderful thing. The conveniences of the cell phone, PC, Internet, DVR, DVD, and automobile have in their respective beginnings evolved from wants to needs. “I want that new Model-T Ford so I can out run that horse and buggy” to “I need that Pick-Up truck so I can haul some loads to work.”


It’s that shift from want to need that can turn a user of a technology to a dependent of that technology. We as law enforcement and protective service providers can fall into this trap just as easily as anyone else. In some cases we fall even faster. When a new piece of equipment makes the job of protecting and saving lives easier, dependence can quickly become a negative byproduct of its everyday use.


The first step is to know the technology and/ or system you’re using. Never leave the knowledge of a system you’re using in the hands of the tech that threw it in your hand while he sits back out of harm’s way seeing whether or not it will actually do what it’s supposed to.


Basic to intermediate trouble shooting knowledge is a plus when you’re in the field deploying a system and something goes wrong. Unlike a person at home checking his e-mail, you can’t call tech support when you’re in the middle of a mission. Many errors in gear can be attributed to simple things, like a loss connection, physical positioning, environmental conditions, and power issues so knowing where to nip, tuck, or jig can save you a lot of time and frustration.


Another thing to always keep in mind is that before every technology or gadget, there was something else before it, serving a similar purpose. Knowing this, and being able to revert back to a more basic technique or technology is a critical element to any back up plan.


Remember every technological advance came from the human brain. As innovative thinkers, we naturally build of off the fundamentals, techniques, and tools we develop.


This is the key to total operator development. Before GPS, there’s the map and compass, and before that there was the magnet and land marks. The more basic knowledge you know, the more adoptive you’ll be if and when all else fails and you still need to complete the mission.


Clyde J. Lucas