The Rooster, the Fox, the Stone, the Brick, and the Tree, the Maxtactx Story.

In the yard there was a Rooster who tended the chickens that feed the family. On this day while you watched your rooster a fox came into the yard. You yelled to scare the fox but he was hungry and he would not budge.

You see two stones and a brick laying at your feet so you pick up a stone and throw it at the fox.

The fox with great speed dashes behind the tree that lay next to him and the stone flies by missing him. He peeks out at you as if taunting and you pick up another stone and throw it again, this time with greater force. He ducks behind the tree the stone bouncing off of it flying back at you and the rooster.

One brick, much greater in size than the stones as it was formed by your hands, is left at your feet so you pick it up…

Technique made the throwing of the stone sail true but it missed. Technology made the brick that was greater than the stones but it will not knock down a tree? Tactics are needed for the others to work so with the brick in hand you go around the tree.

Maxtactx Systems LLC, Let’s go around that tree.”